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13 Steps to help gain control over your Mind

13 Steps to help gain control over your mind.🙏🙋💭

1. Start off your day with at least 5 minutes of meditation .

2. Develop a positive mantra like an affirmation that helps you take on the day and control of your life.

3. Start the day off with vitamins. (When you are struggling with mental illness or any other emotional distress it is important to get your nutrition)

4. Engage in one activity a day that you like or even love.

5. Exercise for 20-30 minutes a day. (Endorphins help you sleep, feel great, and manage stress, anxiety, and depression)

6. Try to eat healthy. (Don’t restrict yourself because you feel bad about your body, tell yourself that it will help you feel better as well as your body is a temple and you should provide it with the best care)

7. Eliminate toxic people from your life. If they are family then limit the amount of time spent with them until you are able to alter your situation.

8. Listen to some music or read a book everyday.

9. Be social and be busy. (Make sure even if it is difficult to maintain friendships and relationships that you are not always alone. Being social helps with all aspects of your health)

10. Try to go to sleep at the same time every night. (Sleep is crucial for your health and emotional state)

11. Try to read some positive psychology or mindfulness in order to gain insight to how to change your thought process.

12. Every time you have a negative thought fill it with a positive one.

13. Before you go to bed. Reflect on your inner beauty, peace, mind, and self. Know that everyone is worth love and peace.

These are all the steps that I use as well.